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Babies are welcome from newborn, as soon as mum feels ready to come into the pool after the birth. The pool is lovely and warm, so a wetsuit for baby is not needed.  

Baby needs to wear a DOUBLE LAYER, a swim nappy with another layer over the top.

Parents do NOT need to be able to swim to join in with a class.  We are there to help you and teach you how to hold your baby safely in the water.

** We offer 45 minute lessons, so there is no rush and lots of time to enjoy bonding with your baby. **

The classes are designed to encourage and promote

  • Water confidence—carefully designed lessons that are structured to progress each child. As skills are taught and trust between parent, child and the water grows, so does the confidence of both the parent and the child.

  • Safety skills—we teach a safe and healthy respect for the water by introducing safety skills early on. Jumping in, holding on, waiting for permission to enter the pool.....all these are taught and more!

  • Bonding—through enjoying movement, songs and rhymes together, eye contact, praise and love, and LOADS of fun . . . along with plenty of cuddles!

  • Exercise—for both parent and child as you learn how to swim with your baby, both on your front and your back. The baby learns from the rhythm of the parents swim. (Any nervous parents will be given extra help)[08-03-13] IMG_9849.jpg

    In safe, comfortable, warm and clean surroundings, we encourage parents and children to work through any fears, build confidence, learn safety skills, discover balance, buoyancy and breath control.  All Smart Swim School staff, who are parent themselves, believe that the greatest success comes through a fun, loving, relaxed approach tailored specifically to the individual needs of all class members.

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  • For more information or to sign up, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Primary Times


  • "Swimming is our favorite day of the week! The pool facilities are great, the teachers are friendly and we are very happy with her progress! I always suggest Smart Swim to my friends. Thanks!"


  • "You are worth every Penny and we can’t praise you enough. Our lesson is the highlight of our day! The boys are really responding well to the sessions."

    Charley and Harry

  • "A warm and happy place to be! Pippa is doing so well and loves her swimming. She has gained so much confidence. Lessons are fun and educational."


  • "Fantastic, positive, well structured lessons. Safety is paramount. Each child is encouraged to reach their full potential with lots of praise. You have a lovely manner with the children. Highly recommended!!"


  • "We are so please we found you!! The teachers strike the right balance of reassurance, encouragement and challenge. We are really happy with the gentle but firm methods. A real joy to see their nerves turn into love of the water and confidence tempered with sense"


  • "The facilities are clean and spacious and the water is lovely and warm. I am very impressed with everything so far! My daughter loves it and it has improved her confidence to no end."


  • "We LOVE Smart Swim! You are the best!! Our kids love their lessons, the teachers, the pool and are learning and growing in confidence every week. Well done to a great team at Smart Swim"


  • "Your patience with the children is awesome! You teach in a gentle, loving and confident manner, which spills over to the children. Everyone seems to be happy and having lots of fun! I love seeing all the children with big smiles on their faces every week."